RIMBUS® calcaneus fracture plateSpecial features

Anatomic based plate design

  • three sizes

Special locking mechanism

  • Stable locking mechanism
  • Polyaxial screw angle (90±15°)
  • No “cold welding”

Titanium alloy

  • Plate Pure Titanium ISO 5832-2
  • Screws Ti6Al4V ISO 5832-3

Special screwdriver design.

Allows the technique of pulling the plate to the bone by tightening a plate screw before locking of the screw.

The system of pulling the plate to the bone before locking the screws should combine the force-connection principle of plates without locked screws and the form-connection principle of plates with locked screws.


VIDEO >> Video form-connection. This video shows the locking of the screw with the plate sticking out. This leads to exclusive form-connection.


VIDEO >> Form- & force-connection with special RIMBUS-screwdriver. This video shows how the plate is pressed onto the bone by the RIMBUS-screwdriver before the screw is locked, leading to a combination of form- and force connection.